Coaching Young People to be at their Best



Teen OA is focused on teaching young people the tools to better health and increased physical performance, these include:

Improve aerobic capacity
Boost focus and attention span
Increase respiratory health and reduce breathlessness
Delay lactic acid and fight fatigue
Increase mobility, flexibility and core strength
Reduce anxiety to help through challenging periods
Calm nervous system, improve rest & recovery


Whether you are faced with a challenging time in your life, or a young athlete looking to enhance your physical endurance. The coaching programme will be tailored to your needs and requirements. 

Teen Free Download 

Please click the button to access a free download for teens to help with managing difficult periods and improving wellbeing.



Experienced coaching using both....


Working on improving strength and flexibility with hatha yoga and embodiment exercises. Helping increase mobility to prevent against  future injuries.

Oxygen Advantage

Oxygen Advantage method teaches you the science to superior breathing. You will increase oxygen delivery to every part of your body, giving you the competitive edge.

Professional Bodies

As a member of the Association for Coaching, we align to the Global Code of Ethics for Coaches, Mentors and Supervisors and maintain the highest professional and quality standards.

The International Breathwork Foundation offers the possibility to all people devoted to Conscious Breathing, independent of modality, to creatively participate in a global activity that promotes and honours the breath as a transformational tool for healing and personal growth.


"Portia’s professional knowledge and experience are clear: her movement and breathing flow so naturally and her beautiful voice guides you with confidence. This is very reassuring to a client, but not the MAIN reason why you will undoubtedly benefit from one-to-one sessions with Portia. In my experience, skills can be taught. What can’t be taught and is EXTRAORDINARY about Portia is her ability to connect with you as an individual. She “saw” ME: who I am beyond the layers of challenges and the weight of my circumstances. She also has remarkable empathy and once you combine CONNECTION, EMPATHY & SKILLS = RESULTS!!! I felt understood, lighter and more connected with my own light and have been using the techniques I learnt so the time we spent together is still giving me what I need. “The body keeps the score” and if you are feeling your body saying to you it needs more peace, Portia is your answer."





“I was seeking mental health support for my teen who had been through both CAHMS and private counselling. However, in my child’s case, they found that neither helped much in the long-term.

I believe that talking therapies are useful as PART of the solution to mental well-being, but where many issues arise is that so many people today lack the skills necessary to deal with uncomfortable emotions and so called ‘negative’ feelings. Gaining self-awareness through meditation and breathwork with Portia, as well as being able to talk through issues has helped my child more than I could have hoped.

Portia has the unique ability to strike a balance between gaining the trust that a young person would find in a friend, while also garnering the respect of a mentor. This combined with her personal experiences as teen who struggled, her extensive knowledge of her subject matter and her passion to help, makes Portia an incredible asset and addition own to my own parenting journey. Knowing that Portia is there and is helping my child has given me a sense of relief that I hadn’t anticipated!

I am SO glad we found her!”


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